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If you’re interested in making a DONATION, thank you!

Targeted donations for the new edition of our wild-Sonoran-Desert-foods cookbook can be made HERE.

To make a general donation to help support our regular programs, just scroll down to the bottom of the green menu bar on any page, including this page, and look for the Donate button. We don’t have an organizational phone number, so if you have any questions, please send an email to

Or you can mail checks made out to Desert Harvesters, P.O Box 92, Tucson AZ 85702. Please jot a note on the memo line if there is something special we should know about what inspired you to contribute.


If you’d like to contact us with COMMENTS or QUESTIONS about Desert Harvesters, please send an email. Don’t forget to set your spam-filter settings to allow our response to reach you! Also watch for a response from one of our personal email addresses.

Choose an address based on the nature of your correspondence:

Administrative questions or information:

Mesquite milling info, hammermill reservations:

Eat Mesquite! cookbook info & sales:

Website corrections/comments/requests or email-list additions:

Mesquite Milling & Wild Foods Fiesta:

Ask questions or interview us for your published article, audio/video news story:

Membership-related correspondence:

Ask questions about native plants/foods and preparation & cooking:

Volunteering opportunities: visit our Volunteer With Us page or send an email to

Workshops and demonstrations (fees will apply):

All other correspondence:

Keep in mind that we are a grassroots, mostly volunteer-run organization, so please understand if our response time is a bit on the slow side. If your correspondence is time-sensitive, feel free to note this in the subject line of your email. Thanks for your patience and your support!

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