DESERT HARVESTERS: Pod-Tasting, Inspection, & Ticketing Workshop (Pre-Monsoon), June 18, 2016 — Tucson AZ

Date: Saturday, June 18, 2016
Time: 8 am – 12 noon
Community Food Bank’s Las Milpitas Farm, 2405 S Cottonwood Ln, Tucson, AZ 85713
$15 per person to support the work & mission of Desert Harvesters
($25 total for this workshop and tomorrow’s Hammermill Operation & Safety Workshop)

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This workshop is mandatory for for milling hosts’ volunteers.

Anyone wanting to operate our hammermill or who wants to become a miller for Desert Harvesters must attend BOTH this and tomorrow’ workshops.

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This event made even better due to generous support from Lush Cosmetics & The Sustainable Lush Fund.

This workshop is key for all those wanting to better understand, and help communicate to others, how to harvest and process the best-tasting, safest, highest-quality mesquite pods. The quality of the harvest ultimately determines the quality of the prepared food—no matter how great a chef you are. So, we will have a number of different flavored pods for all to try—great pods, good pods, and pods having one or more of the four characteristics to avoid (bitter, chalky, burning, and drying). We are putting a lot of energy into these tastings because too few people know how to find and harvest from trees with great-tasting pods (every tree’s pods are different). So we want to expose your palette to a wide variety of flavors, overt and subtle, that are available, including nutty, tamarindo, sweet, sweet & sour, graham, et cetera.

In addition, we need to make sure people have a solid understanding on how to inspect, and therefore easily avoid, and test for, aflatoxins. Harvesting your pods before the monsoon rain is the best practice—we’ll elaborate more at the training. In preparation for upcoming milling events, we will teach you the system we have devised through experience to manage the logistics of an actual milling event so that all runs as smoothly as possible and a good time is had by all, from attendees to milling hosts to volunteers and millers. Even if you don’t plan on helping mill pods at one of our events, this harvest and inspection information will greatly improve your own harvests, and the harvests of all those you talk to. If you have mesquite pods we can all sample—bring them! We want everyone to be able to sample a wide variety of flavors and qualities.

Also, if you have mesquite pods that you’d like to have milled, bring them! We need pods to run through the tasting, inspection, and ticketing phases in preparation for the following day’s hammermill training. (Pod-bringers do not necessarily have to attend the hammermill training. We can make arrangements for you to pick up your flour afterward.) Please note that we cannot promise we’ll be able to mill all pods brought to the training.

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